Press Release: In the Midst of National Infanticide Debate, Birmingham Citizens Kickoff Prayer Campaign

CONTACTS: Ed Carrick, Local Coordinator for 40 Days for Life, 205.305.0950 / Fr. Terry Gensemer, CEC For Life, 205.253.0159

Tonight (March 5th) at 6:30 PM, concerned citizens, pro-life leaders and organizations within the community will gather outside of Planned Parenthood Birmingham for the Spring 40 Days Candlelight Kickoff – a vigil that begins forty straight days of prayer, fasting, and public outreach all geared towards ending abortion.

This campaign comes on the heels of the U.S. Senate’s recent failure to secure protection for infants born alive during an abortion, and aggressive new legislation from states like New York and Virginia that pushes for abortion up until the very moment of birth or beyond.

Fr. Terry Gensemer of Charismatic Episcopal Church For Life comments, “There has never been a more crucial moment in our history to speak up and be a voice for children in the womb.  Since abortion is now accepted up until the moment of birth, and even protection for born children is up for serious debate, America needs to consider what kind of civilization we have created, and what sort of future lies ahead.”

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider, celebrated the Senate’s vote on Twitter as a win for women’s rights – future women (infant girls) not included, of course.  This is not surprising as Planned Parenthood also funneled a million dollars into Alabama last year to defeat Amendment 2.  They were unable to celebrate that victory, however, as the life-affirming measure passed with overwhelming support.

Despite that huge loss, Planned Parenthood is still trying to build a new abortion center in downtown Birmingham.  For now, though, the 40 Days for Life campaign will continue to be held at Planned Parenthood’s current facility (1211 27th Pl S), which has not conducted abortions in over a year.

“Regardless of where they’re located, Planned Parenthood has a history of harming women and children in Birmingham,” says local 40 Days for Life Coordinator Ed Carrick.  “For well over a year, they have been unable to attract a doctor or even perform abortions.  They are barely operating.  In all that time, other centers in this city have helped hundreds of women with unexpected pregnancies, often times with no cost to the woman herself.”

Carrick confirms that during the last eleven years when 40 Days for Life campaigns have gone on, they have seen at least 500 babies saved, which means 500 mothers assisted.

“The truth is,” he adds, “we don’t need Planned Parenthood in our city.  What we do need is compassion and care for women in difficult circumstances, and prayer for our nation.  The 40 Days for Life campaign offers all of those.”

The Spring Candlelight Kickoff begins tonight at 6:30 PM, on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood (located at 1211 27th PL S).  For more information, click here.