Pro-Life Community Calls for Immediate Investigation and Closure of Unlicensed Abortion Facility in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 18, 2013 / Christian Newswire / — The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has failed to respond to any information recently provided by Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) regarding the possibility of unregulated and illegal abortion procedures at the Birmingham New Woman All Women (NWAW) abortion facility, which lost its license in May 2012.  LLDF has made repeated inquiries to ADPH on behalf of CEC For Life, Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, Physicians for Life, and other local and national pro-life organizations in Birmingham.  However, LLDF Council Allison Aranda reports that the Department has remained silent.

In May 2012, ADPH revoked NWAW’s operating license after an investigation revealed 76-pages-worth of deficiencies and violations going on within the facility.  That investigation began when NWAW landed three different patients in the emergency room in a single day.

As of February 2013, all appeals by NWAW to reopen were reportedly denied by ADPH, but, according to information received from recent patients who have visited or called the clinic, this facility is currently offering abortions, and, doing so without an abortion provider license.

Rev. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life, as well as others, confirmed this information last Saturday when they witnessed abortionist Bruce Norman, at least one nurse, and a clinic escort all present at the NWAW building, with a full parking lot and women going inside.

NWAW has also maintained its website since the shutdown, which clearly advertises as an Alabama abortion provider, and has never even changed their business voicemail, which lists abortion services, fees, and office hours.

According to ADPH regulation, any facility advertising as an abortion provider must be licensed by the state.  New Woman’s license has been revoked for an entire year.  This, alone, should be enough to bring on action from ADPH, but the Department remains totally silent.

Rev. Terry Gensemer says, “CEC For Life, Life Legal Defense Foundation, Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, and the community of Birmingham would like to know exactly how the Department of Public Health justifies not only allowing a facility without any license to continue illegally advertising as an abortion provider, but also explain how that facility is now blatantly offering abortions to patients.  If NWAW is no longer a licensed abortion provider, then what is abortionist Bruce Norman doing here with a full parking lot on a Saturday morning?  And why isn’t ADPH doing anything to stop it?  These are questions we need answered, and we need them answered now.”

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue also comments, “NWAW’s owner, Diane Derzis, has shown a gross disregard for the law and the lives of women by illegally operating this dangerous abortion mill.  Only a term in jail will stop criminals like this from continuing to endanger the public.  We call for Derzis and her associate, Bruce Elliot Norman, to be charged for deceptive practices and illegal abortions.  Read them their rights and take them away!”

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life adds, “The abortion industry is again acting in character. When you kill babies, you don’t care when someone tells you to stop. You can’t practice vice virtuously. The abortion lobby always thinks it is above the law. We therefore call for a thorough investigation of the New Woman All Women facility by the State of Alabama, and strong action to enforce the law.”

On Tuesday, March 19, at 11 AM, LLDF, CEC For Life, and other national organizations will hold an emergency press conference in front of the New Woman All Women facility (corner of 10th Ave and 17th St S.) regarding LLDF’s findings against NWAW and the Department of Public Health’s total lack of action.  National pro-life groups will call for an immediate shut down of NWAW, along with a full investigation.

National and Local Organizations in Support of the Immediate Shutdown of NWAW

Life Legal Defense Foundation

Charismatic Episcopal Church For Life

Operation Rescue

Priests for Life

40 Days For Life Birmingham

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

Birmingham Sidewalk Counselors

Concerned Women for America

Christian Defense Coalition

Students for Life of Samford University

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Alabama Physicians for Life

Bama Students for Life

Ministry Ventures

Catholic Family Services

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