Tough Topics: End of Life


God created life and values His creation from the beginning to the end. He is with us in the joyous moments and in the midst of our suffering.  Though we were initially designed to live forever, the fall of man invited death into the world. Everyone will deal with the end of life at some point, whether for themselves or with a loved one.

Dealing with death is difficult at any stage of life, regardless of the process. However, making decisions for loved ones who are ill, or for yourself, can be especially overwhelming.  These cards aim to help answer tough questions about controversial end-of-life issues and provide credible, life-affirming resources.

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These cards are for you and your church. Hand them out to others, study them and use them to discover what God declares as right and wrong.  If you’d like to order prints of the cards, at the cost of shipping and handling, please contact Sarah at


The links listed below are from respected pro-life organizations that dedicate their time to researching truthful evidence. By simply clicking the links below you will find a plethora of facts and perspectives regarding different topics.