Tough Topics: In Vitro Fertilization


God knits each person together. He designed our looks and temperaments with His loving hand in our mother’s womb. Sometimes it’s difficult or perhaps not possible for women to become pregnant. The cause may even be from the man’s sterility.  It’s heartbreaking and frustrating to be unable to create life with your spouse. To fulfill this desire, some couples look to adoption or fertility treatments.  Many others may look to in vitro fertilization (IVF).

 IVF is the process in which fertilization takes place outside of the womb and in a laboratory dish. During this process to create one embryo, many are created, but not all are used.  This creates a precarious situation in which the sanctity of life is unable to be upheld.  We created this card to address the facts of that situation.

Click here to preview the In Vitro Fertilization Card.

These cards are for you and your church. Hand them out to others, study them and use them to discover what God declares as right and wrong.  If you’d like to order prints of the cards, at the cost of shipping and handling, please contact Sarah at [email protected].


The links listed below are from respected pro-life organizations that dedicate their time to researching truthful evidence. By simply clicking the links below you will find a plethora of facts and perspectives regarding different topics.