The 2013 All Life Is Sacred Rally Welcomes RYAN BOMBERGER as Keynote Speaker!

“Battle on, people. Battle on.”  That was the final command youth from across the nation heard as Creative Director of The Radiance Foundation, Ryan Bomberger, closed out the International ProLife Youth Conference in Los Angeles, just after giving a stellar talk regarding the power of purpose in every child’s life.

Though the Conference had many, many excellent speakers, Bomberger was, by far, one of the most compelling.  Born out of rape and completely in love with Jesus, Bomberger has become a powerfully motivating speaker whose personal testimony and extensive creativity is pushing the pro-life movement forward with a fresh vigor and focused outlook.

Today, CEC For Life is incredibly honored to announce that RYAN BOMBERGER will be the keynote speaker at the 2013 All Life Is Sacred Rally in Washington, DC.  In the last few years, Bomberger’s organization, The Radiance Foundation, has become one of the most prominent creative voices in the pro-life movement.

From composing songs to creating videos and winning an Emmy award, Ryan Bomberger’s passion to create has made a profound impact on our culture. “Working in conjunction with noted national civil rights leaders like Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Ryan is involved in national efforts to expose and defund Planned Parenthood by illuminating [abortion as a] human rights injustice. He is a featured blogger on and addresses the cultural dynamics of abortion, eugenics, and the beautiful act of adoption.” (from The Radiance Foundation)

We invite everyone to join us in the Holiday Inn Capitol Discovery Ballroom on Thursday, January 24th, at 7 PM for a time of worship followed by an enthralling multi-media presentation from one of the most forward thinking pro-life advocates in the nation.

We also welcome Kate Bryan of Live Action.  Live Action’s investigative campaigns and undercover sting operations have become one of the key components in our fight to expose the rampant evil of the abortion industry, especially that of Planned Parenthood. Kate is currently the Communications Director for Live Action, and she worked in Ireland for several years previous with the pro-life organization, Youth Defence.

With such awesome leaders on board, CEC For Life KNOWS that the 2013 All Life Is Sacred Rally will be one of the best Rallies we have ever put together, and we are beyond excited to see you in the crowd!  Mark your calendar: Thursday, January 24th @ 7 PM. We’ll see you in DC!



This year, CEC For Life is offering the opportunity to join our team and promote your organization! For $75 you can become a co-sponsor of the All Life Is Sacred Rally, which includes a table at the Rally and your organization’s name on all promotional emails.

Table space is LIMITED.  If you’d like to take advantage of this brand new opportunity, please contact Sarah Howell at as soon as possible.