The Feast Day of Our Lord, the Giver of Life

On Sunday January 16, The International Communion of the Charismatic Church celebrated the Feast Day of Our Lord, the Giver of Life in parishes all over the world. This special day reminds all of us of the sacredness of human life from conception to death. The Patriarch asked that all churches would use this day to renew their commitment to being a Pro-life church by recognizing and supporting CEC For Life, the organization that promotes the sanctity of life throughout the communion.

Patriarch Craig Bates invited Fr. Terry Gensemer, the director of CEC For Life, to preach at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, New York. Fr. Terry spoke at two services filled with parishioners who have listened to Archbishop Bates and the other clergy promote the message of life for many years. The Church of the Intercessor has responded by taking a leading role in the local Pro-life community of Nassau County and Long Island. Fr. Terry, in his homily encouraged the congregation to live out their Christianity with fervor and passion for Jesus in a world that marginalizes and minimizes the message of Christ, especially when it comes to the issue of life.

After the service, The Patriarch led a group of parishioners in a prophetic witness for life at Nassau County Medical Center where abortions are performed on the children of the local community. This witness was organized by the Long Island Coalition for Life and is known as the Annual Face the Truth Event. The Intercessor was well represented as Fr. Terry, along with several youth and adults, braved the cold weather. They all joined Archbishop Bates to share the message of life on the busy roadway in front of the hospital.

Many CEC clergy and parishioners will continue emphasizing their Pro-life commitment throughout the week and into next week, by participating in activities surrounding the Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. Several CEC groups from Alabama, New York, Maryland, Virginia, California, North Carolina, Georgia and other states will attend the annual March for Life in Washington, DC where they will hear messages from the Patriarch, Fr. Terry, Bernadette Smith (from Precious Life in Northern Ireland). On Sunday evening there will be a powerful worship service at the Holiday Inn Capitol Inn, led by the worship team from the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. Several other groups will be attending the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. This trip is being organized by Fr. Steve Powers of St. Michael’s in San Clemente. Hopefully you will be able to participate in one of these important events or perhaps a local Pro-life event in your community.