Trust, Dwell, Cultivate: Our Response to the Kavanaugh Confirmation

As the Kavanaugh hearings trudged on through hours of testimony, a last minute FBI investigation, sharply divided citizens and Senators, and the typical media circus, our nation watched an incredible piece of theater unfold in the Senate these last few weeks.  Something history will hopefully keep in mind for a long time to come, because it reveals what at least one political party is truly devoted to in this nation.

Going into this nomination, both sides knew that Kavanaugh’s confirmation could be a monumental game changer.  For pro-lifers, we saw an opportunity to finally make some headway on the federal level, maybe even establish personhood for the preborn or hand the criminalization of abortion back to the states.  We continue to pray that Kavanaugh will be a part of finally bringing protection to the preborn.

For abortion advocates, also known as the Democratic Party, they saw only the possibility of losing their one true foundation for every pro-abortion argument, Roe v. Wade.  They know science is not on their side.  Documented history certainly does not paint a pretty picture of abortion.  Even the largest abortion provider in America, Planned Parenthood, is still under investigation for the illegal sale of baby body parts.  But none of that matters to them – all is salvageable as long as Roe v. Wade remains intact.

And that was the true crux of this drama.  Despite what the media shouted from every mainstream outlet; despite how often Senator Feinstein claimed to be seeking justice for Dr. Christine Ford; despite how many beers Brett Kavanaugh actually drank in high school; this whole drama we’ve seen play out in the U.S. Senate is clearly about just one thing: the Democrats’ unswerving plan to protect and promote abortion – no matter the cost.

Did someone sexually assault Dr. Ford?  That is extremely likely.  Was that person Brett Kavanaugh?  That is extremely unlikely, as even the further FBI investigation could not corroborate Ford’s memory of the event, even after interviewing named witnesses.  There is simply no way of empirically knowing what happened over 30 years ago.  However, if you listen to Kavanaugh’s testimony, if you examine his life for the last few decades and consider the lack of evidence regarding these allegations – all point to him being innocent of this charge.

But this was never about the allegations.  This was about abortion.  And the Democrats who brought this forward, at the most opportune moment, in the most opportune way, are not concerned for the well-being of Dr. Ford or the #MeToo movement or even the integrity of our courts.  Dr. Ford was just a means to an end, as is every person in an industry that profits from the destruction of human life and the exploitation of women.  And the Democrats covet those profits because those are the very funds that will keep them in office.

The abortion lobby knows that Kavanaugh’s appointment threatens the federal reign they lied so hard to earn back in 1973.  And when threatened, they come out swinging – no mercy, no quarter, and zero tolerance for defectors.  That is why we have seen the Democrats, over and over and over again, make abortion their “hill to die on.”  They will not recant because their campaigns can’t afford it.  Instead, they’ll do anything – absolutely anything – to defend abortion and keep Roe v. Wade in place.

It’s difficult and frustrating to watch these mouthpieces for the abortion industry operate with no restraint and no regard for morality.  It’s especially hard for those of us who are not just conservative or pro-life, but who are also Christians. We are required to operate with restraint and morality.  We have to keep the mind of Christ in every way possible and do all we can, as MLK once said, to drive out evil with love.  We know for certain that if we fail to fight for the sanctity of life without integrity and regard for the lives of others, than we have already lost our cause.

Abortion advocates, on the other hand, have no need for integrity.  They only desire control and will do anything they can to achieve it.  So everyone becomes disposable – Kavanaugh and Ford.  And anyone else who gets in their way.  Even long-time Democratic voters are in awe of what this party has been willing to do in the last few weeks to eliminate their opposition.

So what can we do as Christians to combat this? What attitude should we maintain?  The Lord kept bringing one scripture to mind as the testimonies went on and the Democrats called again and again for Kavanaugh’s reputation served up on a platter. The beginning verses of Psalm 37:

“Do not fret because of evildoers, be not envious toward wrongdoers. For they will wither quickly like the grass and fade like the green herb. Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.”

It might be frustrating to sometimes see evil operate.  It might be discouraging to know that those who are willing to advocate for the murder of children in the womb are also capable of just about anything else, and even celebrated for doing it.  But before we throw our hands up and walk away, remember this: Evil never lasts.  That’s why it rages so hard against the goodness of God.

The Lord tells us do not fret.  Instead – trust, dwell, and cultivate.  No matter what happens within our government, or who sits on the Supreme Court, we must strengthen our resolve to continue cultivating faithfulness in our culture.  We must remember that every injustice has an end.

Few people believed that slavery would ever come to an end in America – those who opposed it, and certainly those who profited from it.  But people of integrity kept moving forward, they kept doing good to their fellow man, and they ended that battle.

Take some time today to pray for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and others alongside him who decide such important issues in our nation.  Give loud thanks for a new opportunity to see Life and Liberty prevail.

Pray for Dr. Ford, too, that she may find healing for the wounds she carries.  And pray for one another, that God will give us the vision to see the eternal, always, and not the temporary.

As JRR Tolkien once wrote in his book The Hobbit, “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”  Abortion will see its end.  And that end might come in our very lifetime.  But whenever it does come, it will be through the mercy of God and the hands and feet of His people.  No government can win this thing, only God can.  So pray, saints.  Trust, dwell, and cultivate.