Update from CEC For Life EUROPE

Though communication has been difficult, Fr. Terry has tried his best to check-in and keep everyone updated on the  substantial work for life that he and his wife, Patti, are currently carrying out in Europe.

In just a few short few weeks, Fr. Terry has:

  • been given the opportunity to speak at a number of CEC parishes, including the Cathedral in Madrid,
  • spent time encouraging our youth in Germany, as well as addressing the national community at the German March For Life,
  • accompanied Bishop Belmonte to meetings with key leaders in the fight for life across Europe.

Of one such meeting, Fr. Terry said, “Bishop Belmonte and I had a tremendous meeting with Ignazio Arsuaga, President of HazteOir.org — one of the leading pro-life organizations in Spain.  We discussed the political situation in Spain, as well as efforts to collaborate with the Spanish pro-life community to build a culture of life.”

Fr. Terry reports that he is headed to Paris this week for a speaking engagement with Fr. Donn Bautista and the Parish of St. Paul the Apostle, as well as other pro-life vigils and events. Then to Brussels, for a meeting with local Belgian pro-lifers regarding an upcoming event in 2015.

Please continue to pray for Fr. Terry and Patti, for Bishop Elmer and the CEC churches across Europe, and for the continued building of a true culture of Life across each of our nations.