URGENT: Please contact these 3 businesses!

Can you take 10 minutes and make some calls? 

We need all hands on deck!  Along with the others we’ve already reported to you, the following businesses are also enabling the construction of Planned Parenthood Southeast’s new abortion center in Birmingham.  

  • WCA Waste Management 
  • National Rent-A-Fence
  • United Rentals (United is known to be a Christian company!)

It is imperative that every citizen let these companies know that the people of Alabama do not approve of local businesses paving the way for children to be killed in the womb.  We must voice our concerns and ask them to consider saving lives, not take part in destroying them.

This new abortion center cannot be built without the help of local companies — and Planned Parenthood knows it.  They are banking on our silence, and on these companies’ desire to profit.  That is why we must notbe silent, and hold these businesses accountable.

Ephesians 5:13 says “But all things becomes visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.” Let’s shine a light on these companies and Planned Parenthood!

We are asking everyone to contact all three of these businesses THIS WEEK.  The more calls they receive now, the stronger our voice resonates!

Let’s especially contact United Rentals, which is known to be a Christian company.

You can also write letters, but please get them in the mail ASAP!

Need talking points?  Planned Parenthood Southeast’s Birmingham affiliate has been documented:

  • Covering up statutory rape (2010).
  • Knowingly performing an abortion on an empty uterus, resulting in a lawsuit (2012).
  • Selling abortion drugs illegally in the parking lot (2014).
  • Failing to notify ADPH of random closures (2014).
  • Failing to ensure employees have not tested positive for Hep B or TB, and failing to properly sterilize medical instruments (2016).
  • They also recently admitted to the news that they cannot attract a local medical doctor to work for them. 
  • And don’t forget: Nationally, Planned Parenthood has been tied to the illegal sale of baby body parts and found guilty of millions in medicaid fraud.

You can also click here for a sample letter or email.

Be respectful, stand firm.  Ask these businesses and officials to cut all ties with Planned Parenthood — a business that has only injured our citizens and killed preborn children.  

Our city simply does not need Planned Parenthood, and no legitimate business should be contracting with them.  

Here is the contact info for each company:

United Rentals

This company is currently supplying machinery.  United is known to be a Christian company!)  

Phone: (205) 853-2622

United Rentals
ATTN: Christopher Reynolds
4111 Pinson Valley Park
Birmingham AL 35215 

WCA Waste Corporation

This company is supplying the giant waste bin on site.  The manager has claimed he is only subcontracting, but even subcontractors can choose which projects they work on, right?

Phone: 1-800-261-0676

WCA Waste Corporation
ATTN: Sean Scott
1130 County Line Rd
Trafford AL 35172

National Rent-A-Fence

This company is supplying the fence surrounding the site.  Their home office is located in Atlanta, where Planned Parenthood Southeast is also located. 

Phone: (205) 715-9227

National Rent-A-Fence
ATTN: Ron Abba
3565 Atlanta Industrial Dr NW
Atlanta GA 30331

We say NO to Planned Parenthood and YES to an abortion free Birmingham.