URGENT: Send your letter to the Alabama Dept of Public Health today!

As many of you know, the Alabama Department of Public Health will have a hearing October 24th regarding a change to the state’s abortion regulations — namely, the definition of an “abortion center.”

Currently, a doctor’s office can perform up to 30 abortions a month without applying for an abortion provider’s license.  This is far above the national average in other states (and it has allowed abortionist Bruce Norman to continue performing abortions in our state even after his abortion facility was shut down!)

That is why this new regulation is of vital importance.  It will bring the number of abortions performed without a provider’s license down to ten, effectively shutting down runaway abortion providers within our state.

We are asking you to help get this passed!  As of right now, ADPH is calling for public comment.  I am asking each of you to send a positive, courteous letter to ADPH in support of this rule change.  A sample letter can be found below, and written comments must be submitted immediately.

We cannot let the other side lead on this — we must be a voice for the lives of preborn children and for the safety of women in Alabama.  Your voice makes a difference.


[your Letterhead or Stationery or Plain White Paper]

W. T. Geary Jr. MD
Bureau Director and Medical Director
Bureau of Health Provider Standards
Alabama Department of Public Health
P.O. Box 303017

Montgomery, AL 36130-3017  


Dear Dr. Geary:


I understand the ADPH plans to make updates to the Abortion Regulations, especially regarding the update of the definition of an abortion or reproductive health center, 420-5-1-.01(1) and (2)(b)(1).


I am very pleased to see the ADPH come more in line with other states as far as abortion numbers for licensing requirements. Several states that have a number in their regulations report a number of 10 or more abortions, and even 5 or more, according to research by Americans United for Life and National Right to Life.


As the ADPH then enforces these new regulations, abortion centers and any ‘doctor’s offices’ performing abortions will be forced to comply, under the authority and jurisdiction of the ADPH.


Thank you for taking this important step to better protect the health and safety of women procuring abortions in Alabama.



[ Your name ]


The public hearing on the proposed rules will take place on October 24th at 9:00 AM in Suite 1586, RSA Tower.  Please send in your letter as soon as possible, and keep the hearing in your prayers!