VIDEO: Highlights from CEC For Life’s Trip to the Philippines!

Earlier this year, Fr. Terry Gensemer headed to the Philippines for a long-anticipated visit with our Filipino clergy and churches.

While in the Philippines, Fr. Terry conducted three Life & Leadership Conferences, all well-attended by clergy and lay people from across the Diocese. He held one conference with Bishop Ariel Santos and Cathedral of the King in Manila, one with Primate Dick Alcarez and Cathedral Church of St. Michael in Kalibo, and one with Bishop Paul Villavicencio and Cathedral of St. John the Divine in San Pablo City.

Between conferences, Fr. Terry was honored to speak at Cathedral Church of St. Michael in Kalibo and Cathedral of the King in Manila (for the Feast Day). During his time in Manila, he also had an opportunity to join Bishop Ariel Santos for a meeting with four Catholic Bishops to discuss how our churches and their churches could work together on pro-life ministry. Their
ecumenical director also attended to discuss working with the CEC in other ways!

We have to day, our churches in the Philippines are passionately pro-life and it was an absolute joy for CEC For Life to have so many wonderful opportunities to equip and encourage them!

Below is a video that covers some highlights from the trip. Take a look!