Well Done, Alabama! Official Statement on HB314

CEC For Life commends the Alabama Legislature for the passage of HB314, the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. We also applaud and thank every citizen who contacted their Senator and Representative, utilized social media to build awareness, and offered prayers to our mighty God for the passage of this bill.

We especially thank the sponsors of HB314, including Sen. Clyde Chambless, who carried the bill in the Senate, and primary sponsor Rep. Terri Collins, who authored the bill with the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition. 

CEC For Life is a member of the Coalition and President Eric Johnston did a tremendous job writing a bill that protects all life in the womb. Collins, Chambless and Johnston all fought to see HB314 passed as it was originally written.

Alabama is now leading the nation with the most pro-life bill in history: an abortion ban from conception with no exceptions for rape and incest. That means every child – not just those conceived in perfect circumstances – is protected by law in our state.

This law also establishes criminal penalties for those performing abortions. This means we do not consider abortionists to be fine, upstanding citizens in Alabama. We recognize them as criminals who are not welcome here. Their shoddy businesses are not welcome either. CEC For Life will continue to pray for their conversion, but we also celebrate a law that finally exposes the abortion industry for the criminal operation it has always been.

Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life states, “Alabama just became the safest place in the nation for a child in the womb. So many people across the state worked and prayed to see this happen. As we move forward, we will continue to fight back against abortion operations like Planned Parenthood Southeast, which is currently trying to build a brand new center in Birmingham. Planned Parenthood has no place in our state. We invite them to recognize and respect the will of the people and withdraw their operations, as Alabama citizens and our legislators have made it crystal clear that children in the womb are to be protected.”