We’re headed to Europe — Please pray!

CEC For Life is headed to Europe!

Fr. Terry, his wife Patti, and Sarah Howell will travel to Europe this month to conduct leadership conferences and join our European brothers and sisters on a prayer walk along the Camino.

Last year, CEC For Life worked with Bishop Jose Belmonte to put on our first ever Pilgrimage to Life & Leadership Conference in Salamanca, Spain.  This year, so that more Europeans may attend the event, we will hold two full Life & Leadership Conferences — one in France, and one in Germany — as well as offering a four day walk along the Camino in Spain, during which Fr. Terry and Bishop Belmonte will offer daily teaching on family and leadership.  Also, Sarah will team up with young leaders during the walk to conduct special youth sessions, as well as hold a few sessions in France and Germany.

As an exciting bonus, pro-life powerhouse Brandi Swindell of Stanton Healthcare will join CEC For Life for the first two legs of the trip — Spain ad France.  She will speak at one of the Life & Leadership conferences, as well as on the Camino.  Brandi and Fr. Terry will also hold a pro-life symposium in Madrid.

After the conferences, Fr. Terry and Patti will stay on in Europe for a couple more months.  Fr. Terry will spend that time speaking at churches and strengthening pro-life outreach in the European sanctity for life movement.

This will be a fast-paced trip geared towards creating stronger leaders through intensive training. Please be sure to keep this ministry in your prayers for strength and safety, as we go into the world to make disciples, and to proclaim that all life is sacred!