#WeSayNo BHM

Did you know there is only ONE abortion clinic left in Birmingham?

Planned Parenthood, the last abortion clinic in our city, has struggled to remain open. In fact, they have not performed abortions in over three years. They remain unable to attract a doctor, and their previous building was so old and outdated that they were forced to build a new one.

In 2018, Planned Parenthood announced plans to build a new facility after purchasing property in downtown Birmingham. Pro-life citizens immediately mobilized in prayer and outreach and were successful in slowing the construction. Planned Parenthood originally planned to be finished building by October 2019, but the building wasn’t completed until well into 2020.

The building is now complete and Planned Parenthood has done a “soft” opening. However, despite a brand new building and a lot of confident talk to the media, the facility is still being run by the same old abortion giant, and it seems that giant still can’t attract a doctor to work for them.

That means that our city is still free from the destruction that accompanies the local abortion clinic — one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation without an operating abortion center. We remain a sanctuary for women and their preborn children!

But Planned Parenthood will do everything they can to change that. Though they are not able to do abortions just yet, their plans for our city have not changed. They have every intention of becoming a surgical abortion center. Their new location is right next to the interstate, ensuring they will be one of the first things people see when visiting our city. They are also now located in the midst of an entirely Black population, giving them overwhelmingly more access to the Black families Planned Parenthood has always targeted across the nation.

We cannot allow Planned Parenthood to continue exploiting and destroying families in our city. We must keep standing strong in prayer, in faith, in unity. #WeSayNO to Planned Parenthood, and so can you. Are you ready to see Birmingham stay abortion free?

Your voice is vital in this fight. Here’s what YOU, as a concerned citizen, can do:

Pray, pray and PRAY. Petition God to foil the plans of the enemy in our city. Daily!

Take your prayers to the sidewalk! We need a presence out on the sidewalk in front of this new facility (1019 First Ave N). Make some signs, bring your family. Come and bring Jesus to the place Planned Parenthood wants to bring death.

Schedule a meeting with your pastor. Ask your pastor to get directly involved in the #WeSayNo campaign. Any pastor can contact Fr. Terry Gensemer (heading up the campaign). We’d love to chat!

ARE YOU A PASTOR? Contact us to find out more about the coalition of pastors involved in this campaign!

Stay Informed.

Which businesses helped Planned Parenthood build in Birmingham?

Planned Parenthood was only able to build this brand new abortion center with the resources and businesses in Alabama. Here is a list of businesses connected to Planned Parenthood’s construction site. We encourage you to refrain from doing business with them!

  • Lubin Enterprises (General Contractor)
  • Acme American
  • Progressive Concrete LLC — Owners claim to be pro-life and Christian.
  • Southpace Realty (Selling PP’s current building for them.)
  • C & J Electrical Services, LLC — Owner claims to be Christian.
  • Graybar Electrical Supply
  • WCA Waste Corporation
  • National Rent-A-Fence
  • United Rentals — Company known as Christian.
  • Sherman Industries, LLC (LeHigh Hanson /HeidelbergCement Group)
  • Vinson Guard Service (Providing security for PP during pro-life events.)
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Capital Materials
  • Alabama Plumbing Contractors (BMV APC LLC)
  • Willoughby Contracting Co., Inc. — Owner claims to be pro-life and Christian.
  • Birmingham Water Works
  • Richards Trucking LLC
  • Kirkpatrick Concrete Inc
  • Eagle Vision Paving LLC

Some businesses and workers decided to QUIT after discovering they were building an abortion clinic. We commend them!

  • McCord Concrete Construction (THANK YOU!)
  • The day after McCord quit, we received word that other contractors heard what happened and quit too! We don’t know who those other contractors are, but we’d love to thank them!
  • Early in May 2019, another worker walked off the job after being informed by pro-life students (gathered for prayer) that he was building an abortion clinic.
  • Craneworks has also refused to work for this building project!
  • WORKER FIRED. In early October 2019, a worker was fired on the job simply for speaking to pro-lifers on his way into work. The young man was a Christian and disturbed knowing that he was helping to build an abortion clinic. Pro-lifers on site were able to pray with him and in less than 24 hours we were able to find him several other job opportunities!
  • Dunn Construction, a major supplier for asphalt, not only refused to work with Planned Parenthood, they also will not provide asphalt for any smaller company seeking to buy for the job.
  • Construction Materials Ltd. responded to our letter with a call from the owner assuring us that they did one drop off for a “cash customer” but had no idea it was an abortion clinic at the time. The owner wanted to make sure we knew he was unaware for that first job and had no contract (or desire to contract) with Planned Parenthood.


#WeSayNo Prayer Presence | Wed, August 19th @ 8 AM

On Wednesday, August 19th, CEC For Life and Bound4Life Birmingham will be out on the sidewalk for a time of prayer and outreach. We will gather at 8 AM. Plenty of room to social distance on the sidewalk and masks should be worn in accordance to the current state and city health orders.
Location: 1019 First Ave N.

Bound4Life Prayer Siege | Dates TBA

Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, Bound4Life will not be meeting as a group just yet. However, Natalie & Matt will continue to go and pray as a family and invite all of you to do the same. Dates will be assessed as the situation develops. Hope to be gathered again soon, but don’t let that stop you from praying daily!
Location: 1019 First Ave N.

Every First Sunday (Of Each Month)*

On the first Sunday of each month @ 1:00 PM, Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd and Christ the King Anglican Church of Hoover gather for one hour for a brief liturgy and time of prayer at the construction site.

*The recent spread of COVID-19 may have affected this event. Please check with Christ the King Anglican for updates.

Location: 1019 First Ave N. 

Every Third Saturday (Of Each Month)*

At 9:30 AM, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants will gather and pray at the Planned Parenthood construction site directly after Mass every third Saturday of the month.  The event lasts until 10:45 AM.

*The recent spread of COVID-19 may have affected this event. Please check with Mary Ann Vann for updates.

Location: 1019 First Ave N.