#WeSayNo BHM

Did you know there is only ONE abortion clinic left in Birmingham?

Planned Parenthood, the last abortion clinic in our city, is struggling to remain open. In fact, they have not performed abortions in over a year. They are unable to attract a doctor. And, their building is old and outdated. So old and outdated that their only answer is to build a new one.

And that’s what Planned Parenthood of Birmingham is currently doing. Right now, our city is free from the destruction that accompanies the local abortion clinic — one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation without an operating abortion center. We are a safe space for women and their preborn children.

But Planned Parenthood wants to change that. They have already purchased property and are constructing a brand new abortion center in downtown Birmingham, right next to the interstate. It will be one of the first things people see when they visit our city. Is that what we want Birmingham to be known for? #WeSayNO, and so can you. Are you ready to stop abortion in our city?

Your voice is vital in this fight. Here’s what YOU, as a concerned citizen, can do:

Pray, pray and PRAY. Petition God to foil the plans of the enemy in our city. Daily!

Take your prayers to the sidewalk! We need a presence out on the sidewalk in front of the new property (1019 First Ave N). Make some signs, bring your family. Come and bring Jesus to the place Planned Parenthood wants to bring death.

Schedule a meeting with your pastor. Ask your pastor to get directly involved in the #WeSayNo campaign. Any pastor can contact Fr. Terry Gensemer (heading up the campaign) at [email protected] We’d love to chat!

ARE YOU A PASTOR? Please click here.

Make Contact. (Letters, emails & calls!) Right now we are encouraging citizens to contact Mayor Woodfin, Lubin Enterprises, and other businesses actively involved in building this abortion center.

Stay Informed.