When We Stand in Unity, Lives Get Saved

Here’s how it works:  In Alabama we have these wonderful pro-life lobbyists who work very hard with pro-life legislators (Republicans and Democrats) to get pro-life legislation passed through every session.

These tireless men and women travel to Montgomery all throughout the sessions.  They make calls and write emails; they meet with Senators and Reps; they sit through long filibusters, plan rallies, and keep the rest of the pro-life community up to date.

Meanwhile, we also have these very committed pro-life activists — sidewalk counselors, 40 Days for Life campaigners, Silent No More speakers, event planners and prayer warriors.  While the lobbyists work to reduce the political power and influence of the abortion industry, the activists keep the movement going on the streets.  They organize prayer vigils, offer women real abortion alternatives, and keep a vigilant watch on every abortion mill in the state, documenting events and incidents that abortion clinics risk everything to try and keep hidden.

These dedicated pro-lifers know the truth of Matthew 10:26: “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

Then there’s the Pregnancy Centers, our frontline asset, with compassionate and loving counselors who pour out their hearts to guide hurting women that, otherwise, would find their selves alone and unsupported in the lobby of an abortion clinic.

We also have many, many pro-life and pro-family organizations and leaders who galvanize their supporters at critical times, as well as everyday people who work hard all day, take care of their families and children, and, when the time comes, pray diligently or simply show up to vote for the right person.

We have student groups at campuses across the state with young, emerging leaders who are courageous enough to speak up for the preborn and inform their peers about the atrocity of abortion.

We have pro-life attorneys and legal groups who are always willing to consult with our organizations, and who come to our defense when our own rights and freedoms are threatened in the fight.

When all of these people work together — this incredible, kind and willing network — we see results that Glorify Jesus and save innocent human lives. That is how The Women’s Safe and Healthy Act (HB57) was passed, and that is how we will continue to lay bricks in the wall of the Culture of Life!

We could honestly never name all the people and groups who contributed to the recent success of the Women’s Health and Safety Act, but we can say thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU to the legislators, the lobbyists, the activists, the prayer warriors – all the people in Birmingham and Alabama who work hard to build this Culture of Life.  You help keep the fight going on every front, and we wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.  Thank you, again, and all honor and praise be to God!