Who We Are

CEC For Life was established as a pro-life ministry of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in 2001, under the direction of Fr. Terry Gensemer.

The early church fathers were united in their stand against abortion and infanticide. They consistently led the fight to protect the innocent from death, even at great risk to themselves and their families. Under that same historic banner, CEC For Life strives to serve and mobilize the Body of Christ at large, calling all Christians to fulfill their divine commission to defend the fatherless.

We exist to serve churches within our communion, while also participating in ecumenical pro-life efforts across the globe. We offer leadership trainings and pro-life trainings, organize activism and outreach, and help local pro-life communities build unity and relationship so that they can fight even harder for preborn children. 

CEC For Life also developed The Liturgy for the Preborn at the Time of Death, a special prayer service designed to pray in front of abortion facilities where babies are dying. It can also be prayed in churches, or in close proximity to hospitals or clinics that perform abortions. The Liturgy is a sacramental Christian service for those children who are denied any sort of affirmation by the Christian Church, including Baptism, Holy Unction, Confirmation, or even a Christian burial. When preborn children are abandoned by all, the Church must be their family. 

Through prayer, outreach and education, CEC for Life has spent over twenty years equipping the faithful and working towards the end of abortion throughout the world. Each day, we seek to educate and motivate our culture to understand what it means to truly believe in the Sanctity of Human Life.