Word on the Street: What are People Saying about Madrid 2012?

“For a Madrilenian like me, it felt great to defend the sanctity of life in the most emblematic square of the city of Madrid and of Spain. And, the fact that the rally was organized by the CEC, and that so many young people of communion coming from different countries participated, made the event even more special. I wish that we could do a pro-life rally in as many big cities in Europe and in the world as possible.” –Camille Belmonte, Spain

“The Rally at Puerta del Sol was a strange and great experience. Explaining to the people around us what we were doing, helping others as a youth leader — even under the sun the whole time! I know that I was and am doing it for God. For the Life of the World!” –Melody Monteflor, Spain

“This was my first rally of this kind and it has made me realize that there is so much more I can do as a Christian. I loved the fact that although this was the first time for most people, everyone prayed and sang from their heart. I can’t wait for the next one that I can be part of! –David Jonathan Valentin, Germany

“My most memorable experience at Convocation was the outreach at Puerta del Sol. There were at the least one hundred of us. We lay down on the hot ground in the shape of a fetus remembering the pain and suffering babies go through daily…I noticed how no one was really yelling at us, they stood in wonder and – I’d like to think — amazement. Most people don’t realize that that’s all it takes, us going out into the world, speaking up for the preborn and just being a witness. If we don’t uncover the reality of abortion then it will just go unnoticed, but, if we speak the truth and reveal what’s going on, people will start thinking about it and questioning what it is. What we did in Madrid was powerful, and I can’t help but think that Madrid is just one of the many places in the world we’re going to shake.” –Kristen Madison, California

“Praising God at the CEC 4 LIFE pro-life demonstration was quite an experience. We worshipped passionately and loud enough to be heard for several blocks. We have declared the victory over death! The battle for life is raging and we will not be defeated, and the devil already is.” –Thomas Batterton, California

“It’s no surprise, but it’s crazy how God works perfectly.  The fellowship between the CEC youth from all over the world truly shows the communion we have through Christ — because of Christ. It’s our unity in Him that allows us to stand on a solid foundation for the rights of the preborn. Sometimes, especially when feeling alone (because we’re never alone), fighting in the Pro-life movement is scary. Maybe my faith isn’t big enough, but some days I need something tangible to understand that I’m not alone. God uses events where a large number of us gather every so often to remind me that I’m not alone. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” It’s always encouraging to truly remember and feel that God is always there in the midst of the battle. Abortion is not only an international issue, it’s a supernatural battle. God is raising us up as an army to fight against the evil on Earth through our activism, to fight against Satan through prayer and petition.” –Hayley Bifulco, New York