Yes. Abortion Hurts.

I was doing a little research today on our recent protest at the Epoc abortion clinic in Orlando, FL and came across their website which proudly boasts five abortion centers for convienience. All which are owned by Dr. James Pendergraft. The website gives all of the usual medical criteria about what to bring, payment procedures etc. and then offers a page that lists twenty frequently asked questions.

The first question listed is ,” Does it Hurt?.” Any woman or human being for that matter who knows the history of this clinic would certainly be justified in asking this question. Remember this clinic is famous for not calling the paramedics when they botched an abortion just a few years earlier in 2005. Baby Rowan was the victim after he was born alive! This is certainly bad business for a place that makes its money on the murder of preborn children. Here’s a quote from the actual 911 call by a friend of the mother,

“It’s a women’s clinic . . . My friend is having an abortion and the baby was born alive. . . . They’re not allowing her to use the phone there. They’re wanting the baby to die! . . . and she’s not wanting that to happen.”

Read the article here.

“Discomfort” isn’t the only pain received at this abortion clinic. Abortion does hurt women. Women are scarred physically and emotionally. Abortion kills children. Baby Rowan was left to die after he was delivered alive!

The last question on the page is, “Is the abortion performed by a ‘real’ doctor?” Yes. Dr. Pendergraft is a real doctor, no doubt about that. You can read his complete resume on the web. Does he perform most of the medical procedures required by law to be practiced by a doctor? According to the research found, probably not. Here is another testimony from a medical assistant who previously worked at the Epoc Clinic.

“She herself had delivered women with no doctor present, and disposed of babies’ bodies that way. She added that no doctor was present during most deliveries, leaving medical assistants, and often unlicensed workers to care for patients. When she worked for Dr. Pendergraft, she said, she was one of two licensed workers among 10 on staff. ”

Although this clinic was open the day we visited , darkness trembled at the power of God present in the more than 150+ young persons gathered to declare and witness the awesome power of life! May the seed of the woman crush the serpent’s head!

– Jacob