Youth Hold FIRST-EVER Die-In for Brazil

As many may recall, last November I was invited to speak at the Atitude Youth Conference in Vitória de Santo Antão, Brazil.  I was supposed to be at the Conference for the first three days and then speak in other areas for the next nine days.  Unfortunately, I was forced by the Federal Police to leave Brazil after only 2 days.  Thankfully, however, and only by the grace of God, I was still able to speak to the amazing youth at the conference and encourage them to actively stand for the Sanctity of Life.  Recently, they responded enthusiastically and creatively to that call with a courageous pro-life witness!

Last week, at their evangelism outreach during Carnival, the youth held a Bound4Life style Silent Siege, placing tape over their mouths and praying in silent unity with their preborn brothers and sisters.  They also held many signs that explained the loss of life in an abortion and blatantly pointed out that “it’s very easy to be pro-abortion once you are already born.”  The Siege was followed by a silent March and concluded with the FIRST-EVER Pro-Life Die-In that Brazil has ever seen.

Amanda Bezerra, one of the Brazilian youth leaders, reports, “Father Terry Gensemer, this initiative that you brought us was a strategy that impacted many lives here in our city’s Carnival, the start of our lives! May God bless you forever more!”

Another youth leader, Felipe Alves, also commented: “Thank you, Fr. Terry, this certainly was a pro-life victory of God’s people and we will do more with the grace of Christ!”

CEC For Life is delighted and encouraged to see these brave young people bringing the light of Life into the midst of what often becomes a very dark event.  Carnival is often accompanied by a great deal of promiscuity, which actually leads to more abortion in the country of Brazil.  These young warriors are fighting for the life of not only the preborn, but for the life and salvation of their peers. More proof that the youth of this world are determined to build a Culture of Life!  We hope to see more pro-life activities develop in Brazil, and we encourage you to continue praying for this pro-life generation!

Fr. Terry Gensemer +