Join Patriarch Craig Bates & Fr. Terry Gensemer in Jacksonville, Florida

This Saturday, June 26th, Archbishop Craig Bates and Canon Terry Gensemer will lead the Liturgy for the Pre-Born in front of A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville. 

Abp. Bates is the Patriarch of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) and an ardent pro-life advocate who has prayed on the front lines of the culture wars for  decades.  Canon Terry Gensemer is the founder and director of CEC for Life, the pro-life advocacy arm of the Charismatic Epicopal Church, which this year will celebrate its 20th anniversary.  Both men are tremendous advocates for the pre-born and we are blessed to have them lead the Liturgy for the Pre-Born in Jacksonville. 

The Liturgy for the Pre-Born is a prayer service that is a combination of last rites for those who are condemned to die in abortion, prayers for repentance, and prayers for the end of the abortion holocaust throughout America and the world.

All are invited to join with Abp. Bates, Cn. Gensemer and Church of the Messiah this Saturday morning beginning at 9 o’clock.  Through the graciousness of Family for Life  we are able to pray directly across from A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville (click HERE for a map).  For those who are unable to attend in person, Church of the Messiah will live stream the event on their Facebook page via Facebook Live. 

Please join CEC For Life, Church of the Messiah and the local pro-life community as we pray for the day that abortion becomes not only illegal but unthinkable!